Sex Toys

It’s my first time to buy sex toys. I got so curious on how it felt.

Soooo, I went online and bought not one, but two! Hahahaha. One bullet vibrator and one dildo.

Man, I have never came so good in my life! You girls have to try it. 😉

No one knows but myself that I bough it. And I am constantly worried that my brother would see it. Hahahaha


Copycat Bitch

There is this little bitch that always copies me.

The songs I like, the bands I love, the books I read, the pictures I took. Name it.

I don’t really know what she is trying to achieve with this and it just really pisses me off.

We were acquiantances since back then and she has been nothing but annoying.

What can we do about these people? 

Have a life girl. Be original, for goodness sake.

The Past

Wow, what the fucking fuck.

I just watched a video that one of my exes made for me 7 years ago! And I seriously got the sad feels! 😦

The video was a slideshow of our pictures from when we were just starting, and I was like, “Wow, we were REALLY in love.” You could feel it in the pictures. And seriously, I am not sure if I have felt that again after we broke up.

This guy is really special to me. He was such a sweet caring boy, and I adored him so much. He treated me like a princess. We were so happy together. Damn, we even planned our wedding in one of our conversations. He was like “the one that got away”. I seriously would like to think that I am his, too.

We were just so perfect together. I thought he was the one, and everyone thought so, too! I was so in love with him that up until now, almost 6 years after we broke up, I still think of him. I know I don’t love him anymore, but he will always have that special place in my heart.

I’ll let you in on a fun fact, I am currently in a relationship. This guy, my current boyfriend, he puts me on the top of his world. I have never felt so special before, his efforts are commendable, he is very patient, and he loves me very much. Don’t get me wrong, I love him so fucking much, too. But you know, sometimes, I think of a scenario where in my ex from 6 years ago would come back and ask me to be with him again, would I leave my current boyfriend for him?

Ever so often, I would dream of him, that he is back, and he wants me again. I would always ask God, why does he make me dream of him? Is this a sign? Would we eventually still end up together? Or would we never ever get back together, and he was just a page in my book?

I would like to think that we would never get back together. He is a different person now, anyway. He is not the sweet boy that I used to know. Now, he is a man that is so full and thinks so highly of himself. And that is not cool.

Sometimes I wish I just never knew him. I think I would be better without knowing him. I mean, we never ended up together anyway, so what’s the point right?

Fuck. This video got the shit out of me.

Fuck you YouTube. I hope you could just delete a video even if its not yours. Well, of course that’s impossible.

We just live in such a small world that I always see him, in the road, on social media. Damn, his girlfriend is even a friend! WTF?!

Seriously though, I still wish him the best. After all, I did say that he has a special place in my heart. I guess that would never change. Even if you never talk to me again.

Thanks for the memories, you made me happy.



Hi there, to you that’s reading this.

I have been meaning to put up a blog like this, where I can say whatever I want. I do have another blog which my friends and family know about, and sometimes when I write, I just don’t want any of their attention.

I want to freely write about stuff, that I want to talk about, without needing to filter my words, or what I write.

I guess I want that anonymity, since my life has been pretty much an open book to social media.

This blog will be my “private journal”. You, my readers would not know who I am, and I get to write about whatever the fuck I want!

Fun, right?

I hope you could find something you could relate to in this blog. I was really just in the spur of the moment and wanted to write about something, but I feel like my friends and family wouldn’t approve. Haha

Thank you for the attention and let’s get on with it!