Hi there, to you that’s reading this.

I have been meaning to put up a blog like this, where I can say whatever I want. I do have another blog which my friends and family know about, and sometimes when I write, I just don’t want any of their attention.

I want to freely write about stuff, that I want to talk about, without needing to filter my words, or what I write.

I guess I want that anonymity, since my life has been pretty much an open book to social media.

This blog will be my “private journal”. You, my readers would not know who I am, and I get to write about whatever the fuck I want!

Fun, right?

I hope you could find something you could relate to in this blog. I was really just in the spur of the moment and wanted to write about something, but I feel like my friends and family wouldn’t approve. Haha

Thank you for the attention and let’s get on with it!